Newborns & Infants

It is a common belief that babies and children should have no structural stresses or strains in their bodies because they are so young. The reality can be quite different.

The normal birthing process is a highly stimulating and in many respects traumatic event. There is a lot of pressure on the baby’s skull and twisting through the body, and whilst this is a normal physiological process, it can lead to problems for the baby. Difficulties, such as rapid labour, prolonged labour, presentation complications, delivery by forceps/ventouse, or caesarean delivery can contribute to such problems.

These effects may be apparent immediately, or present later on in life as a toddler and into adulthood. If we treat what seems to be a relatively minor problem in infancy, future health is less vulnerable. A simple metaphor is that a twisted sapling becomes a bent tree.

There is no age limit to treatment. We have experience working with newborns from a few days old, to older children who may still have birth strain effects, or recent injuries. Treatment of the newborn (especially in the first 12 weeks of life) is often advisable as they have an innate drive towards normal function. This means they are very responsive to treatment and often rapid changes occur.

In a newborn assessment we will take a medical history from the parent/s and perform a paediatric examination. This includes examining all peripheral joints such as hips, knees and shoulders as well as the spine and cranium to assess range of movement and function. We will then diagnose and treat accordingly, or refer where appropriate.

On average 2 to 6 treatments are sufficient, but this may vary according to the problem.


Osteopathy and Babies in further detail

Over the last 60 years osteopathy has established an excellent reputation for helping newborns. To understand how osteopathy can have such benefits, it is necessary to understand the mechanics of pregnancy and birth and how the forces affect the baby.

An osteopathic check-up following birth can help pin-point potential problems and help to ease the dramatic transition from life inside the womb to the outside world.

Charlotte first saw our dear daughter when she was 2 weeks old. Charlotte was able to quickly ascertain some areas where she could help our little one to recover from the birthing process, and we could see visible improvements in how our daughter held herself even after just one short, incredibly gentle treatment.

Highly recommended to any new parents!

I took my infant son to Lydia to prevent him favouring only one side while he slept. She had a lovely gentle nature with him, and as well as solving the problem she really seemed to genuinely care.

He came away from each session very relaxed. Would highly recommend. – Clara.

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