Charlotte Dumper- BHSc, MHsc (Osteopathy) 

On leave

Charlotte completed 5 years of Osteopathic training from Victoria University, Melbourne with a Bachelor in Clinical Sciences (1998) and a Masters in Health Sciences/Osteopathy (2000). She has since worked in Osteopathic clinics around NZ and the UK, and also volunteered at the UK charity, the Osteopathic Centre for Children. Charlotte has come back to her roots on the North Shore in the last few years, since becoming Director of Oceanic Osteopathy in 2012. She is committed to regular ongoing post-graduate course work in NZ and overseas, with the Sutherland Cranial College, and Biodynamic Osteopathy.


Charlotte specialises in using more gentle, indirect treatment with patients of all ages and ailments. She has a passion for working with the family unit: especially the treatment of mothers, babies and children. She feels that treatment in the early years can help support important growth periods and give children the very best start.


Perhaps this is because her love for Osteopathy also began as a child whilst suffering injuries from competitive running. Charlotte was so inspired by the cranial Osteopathic treatment she received, by these practitioners who knew so much about the body, and with only the gentlest of touch kept her pain free and competing through her youth.


Nowadays she still enjoys running, and other active pursuits, but is always working with the precious balance of activity, stillness, and time with her young family.

Available Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays & Saturdays by appointment

Ph 022 680 3958

Ruth Atkinson, BSc (Hons) Osteopathy

OCNZ Registered, ACC treatment provider

Ruth moved to New Zealand in 2001, after completing her undergraduate training at the British School of Osteopathy in London. She worked in practices in central Auckland and the North Shore, then set up her home practice in 2005. Her postgraduate training has been in NZ and Australia, with the Sutherland Cranial College, and training in Biodynamic Osteopathy. She loves working with children and young people, but also the challenge of general practice, and the diverse issues which present for treatment every day.

Ruth prefers a cranial approach, which uses a light targeted touch to bring about balance. It can have the most immediate/profound effects in newborns, but this is a deep form of healing which is effective for people of all ages.

We live in a world of chronic stress and busyness. Ruth finds an important part of Osteopathy is that it allows people to rest and reset. She lives on the West Coast with her children, garden, and cats.

Available Mondays & Wednesdays

Ph: 021 618 915


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