Waitamata Parent Centre Magazine August 2013  FEATURE ARTICLE

The Importance of Good Breathing in your Baby

Breathing all starts from the very first gasp of a newborn as it is born and enters the world for the first time. The fluid is squeezed out of your baby’s lungs and will be suddenly replaced by air. The first breath is stimulated by a number of factors including hormonal changes during labour, by sensory changes to baby’s new external environment, and by the baby’s generalised state of heightened arousal (increased adrenalin) to cope with the birth process.

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Waitamata Parent Centre Magazine July 2014 FEATURE ARTICLE

Learning to Negotiate a New World

The first twelve months of your baby's life is an incredible time of growth and development. In just one year your baby has transformed from a completely helpless newborn into an independant little person.

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Excerpt from New Zealand Herald, Viva Magazine, 17 September 2014

10 Appointments with Happiness

"Sophie Burton hunts out 10 sought-after wellbeing experts to assist you in a life well lived.

10. The Cranial Osteopath

The words "cranial osteopath" are a scary description for the most gentle, least invasive treatment your body will ever know. AN hour with Lydia Carey is almost relaxing as she manoeuvres your limbs and head with fetherlight touch. You'll go in thinking "What kinda of sixth sense stuff have I got myslft into?", and she'll begin to explain, showcasing a talent for translating medical gibberish into layperson's terms. You'll be properly wooed when she pick up on old injuries, long left untreated, evn though you never mentioned tem. And when the tension headaches, aching necks and sore joints disappear after a few visits you'll feel 10 times better for it.

Oceanic Osteopathy, 2A Donaldson Ave, Milford. Ph (09) 489 8511"

Osteopathy is well known for treatment of back, neck and shoulder problems.
  • Address: Oceanic Osteopathy
  • 21 Shea Terrace
  • Takapuna
  • North Shore
  • Auckland
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